Should You Invite Kids to Your Wedding?

by on September 9th, 2010
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When making your wedding guest list, there is one argument that often comes up between the bride and groom: should we invite kids to our wedding? The decision can be a tough one to make. Here are some things to take into consideration when deciding whether or not kids should be invited to your wedding.

Does the Venue Offer a Menu for Kids?

Many wedding venues can get to be costly. There’s a good chance that you could end up paying $100 or more per person just for food. It can be difficult for some couples to justify spending $100 or more on a child who refuses to eat filet Mignon or flounder. Luckily, there are some wedding venues that offer child-friendly menus that offer items to please kids’ palates, such as chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, and pizza.

Will the Children be Well-Behaved?

One of the biggest concerns that many brides have is whether or not the children who attend their wedding will be well-behaved. While the kids who are invited to your wedding probably won’t secretly plot to start a food fight with your wedding cake (we hope), there are other ways they can be disruptive. Kids tend to have a difficult time behaving during the ceremony, which can be long and boring, and may throw a fit at the reception. Do you really want to hear screaming and crying when you watch your wedding video?

Is Not Including (or Including) Kids Inconvenient for Parents?

Not extending your wedding invitation to children can sometimes be inconvenient to parents. If they can’t find a babysitter for the night, they may not even be able to make it. This can especially be a problem for out-of-state guests.

On the other hand, some parents may find that bringing their children can be as equally inconvenient. They might be forced to leave your wedding reception early if their child does become disruptive, doesn’t feel good, or falls asleep early.

Are the Children in the Wedding Party?

The decision to invite children gets to be more complicated if you have children in your wedding party. It’s difficult to not invite the flower girl and ring bearer to the wedding reception for extra photos, but one option is to only include them in the ceremony. If you do decide to invite the children to your wedding reception, it is also going to seem unfair to other parents for you to not include their kids as well.

Is There Space to Do a Children’s Party at the Same Time?

One solution to the problem of children at weddings is to have a separate party room for children. They can play games and watch movies. You’ll need to hire babysitters, but this can be a good alternative if you want to be able to enjoy your wedding reception without disruptions and allow it to be convenient for parents.

No matter what you decide to do, it’s important to keep in mind that this is your special day. Whether you do not want to have kids included in your wedding or you are okay with the idea, it’s important to not allow anyone to talk you into what they want.

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