Rob Kardashian Sides with Khloe Kardashian Against Brother-in-Law Kris Humphries

by on January 30th, 2011
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Khloe Kardashian clashed with sister Kim Kardashian after she decided to confront Kris Humphries about his true intentions toward her older sister. Now brother Rob Kardashian is running to Khloe Kardashian’s defense because he has issues with the newest member of their family.

When E! aired the two part special Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event on Oct. 9 and 10, Khloe Kardashian was seen questioning Kris Humphries on his real motivations for marrying her sister. As a result of the confrontation Kim Kardashian threatened to remove her younger sister from the wedding. Fortunately, Rob Kardashian has Mrs. Odom’s back.

“I think Khloe likes to speak her mind, so that’s how she is,” Rob Kardashian told Life & Style Magazine. “I think it’s a smart thing to do because that’s who she is. Just let her be herself.”

Certainly Khloe Kardashian is not shy about showing her protectiveness towards her younger brother. Last month she was very vocal during an episode of Dancing With The Stars when her brother was being criticized for his dancing.

“All my sisters are protective, but Khloe is probably the most,” said Rob Kardashian.

Rob Kardashian himself had an uncomfortable experience with his new brother-in-law when Kris Humphries put him in a headlock during a trip to Bora-Bora. Since then he had kept his distance from Kim Kardashian’s husband.

Both Khole Kardashian and her brother are not alone in expressing their sentiments of doubt over the validity of Kim Kardashian’s marriage. It was reported by Life & Style Magazine that close friends and family were urging Kim Kardashian to end her marriage just two months after her dream wedding. Others who have been rumored to express similar concerns are Kim Kardashian’s best friend Jonathan Cheban and mother her Kris Jenner.

“They’re kind of annoying together,” Jonathan Cheban joked at the Angel Ball in NYC on Oct. 17. “I like them separately; I like Kim on my own time.”

Kris Jenner, the mom and manager behind the Kardashian brand, is worried about the NBA lockout that is leaving Kris Humphries unemployed. The lockout means that Kim Kardashian is the breadwinner in her new marriage. The newlyweds already live a lavish lifestyle and maintaining it would require Kim Kardashian to pay all their expenses. To her husband’s defense, Kim Kardashian has insisted that her late father Robert Kardashian would have loved Kris Humphries.

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