Rachel Reilly Wins Big Brother 13 Defeating Porsche Briggs

by on December 21st, 2014
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“Big Brother 13″ certainly had drama for the veterans this season. In the end, one vet and two newbie’s battled it out for the final HOH. Ending with Rachel Reilly the winner of “Big Brother 13″. In the beginning fans assumed Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon would be final four. However, the newbie’s had a different plan and stepped up their game.

There was backstabbing, lying and hurt feelings the entire summer. However, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon stayed true to their words and alliance. Jeff trusted Shelly and in the end, she chooses money over friendship and evicted Jeff. For Jordan this was hurtful and fans saw a side of her they never saw coming. However, no one could blame Jordan for blowing up at Shelly for evicting Jeff and turning on the alliance the way she did.

The “Big Brother 13″ finale consisted of a 3-part HOH between Rachel, Adam and Porsche. In the first part, called “Big Brother Mixer” Adam was the first one out at 28 minutes in. Porsche dropped at 40 minutes giving Rachael the win and allowing her to advance to round three. Way to go Rachel.

Part 2 of the final HOH competition was an underwater maze event between Adam and Porsche. Adam lost the challenge because his goggles filled with water and he was having a difficult time. This however gave Porsche an advantage and she won part 2 of the HOH competition and advanced to round three along side Rachel. Adam is at the mercy of these two lovely women that are going to battle for the final HOH.

Adam is doing everything he can to convince Rachel and Porsche to take him to the final two. He told the women if they take him he will tell the jury to give them money because they played a better game then he did and he doesn’t deserve the $500,000. Way to go Adam, tell the women what they want to hear.

Part 3 of the final HOH competition was between Rachel and Porsche and consisted of questions and answers about housemates. Rachel won part 3 and took Porsche to final two. Rachel Reilly wins “Big Brother 13″. The winner of America’s vote for the $25,000 was Jeff.

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