Qigong: My Favorite Winter Hobby

by on October 10th, 2010
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Do you want to go out to walk or exercise in cold and snowy weather or even drive to a gym? I hated doing this, but forced myself for the sake of my health, until I found the perfect winter hobby.

Chinese Medicine maintains that strenuous exercise is bad for your health. Recent research supports this contention; it indicates that Marathon runners are more prone to cardiovascular problems (1)

Dr. Oz, a heart surgeon and TV star of the “Dr. Oz Show” stated if you want to live to a healthy 100 years practice Qigong. Qigong is a coordinated mind, body and breathing practice that originated in China thousands of years ago and is practiced by millions of people worldwide. Qigong for health is non-strenuous, requires little coordination or flexibility. It is easier to learn and practice than Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates or Zomba. It can be done anywhere, anytime and requires no special clothing or equipment.

I became hooked on Qigong when I learned of a recently discovered, clinically- tested Qigong method, which resulted in weight loss. I learned this method in about 8 minutes. It involves doing it for just 1 minute before each meal. The difficult part is to have the discipline to continually practice this Qigong and not skip the practice, even once. One dedicated student lost 7 pounds in a month. Previously, he had a personal trainer, but couldn’t lose any weight doing the recommended exercises.

Learning this simple method and seeing it work, encouraged me to learn, practice and teach Qigong. I found it helped more than 200 diseases. My students, who are older, do not exercise diet or take pills and are healthy.

More information about Qigong can be found in (2).


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