Only the Peaceful Are Spared the Cost

by on September 9th, 2010
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He’s running from the passing day
From faces never looking away
The sting of charring sunlight
The pulsing malice of the gunfight
Storming into combat in a blaze
Blind to opposition in the rays

Men immersed in pits and falling stone
Charging in and out of destruction
The madman craving blood moves on alone
Stranded in purgatory’s induction
The coward gives to the clutches of death
Regrets spilling out in a waning breath

Caged in the snare of the burning bunker
The weakest tremble in the wake of bedlam
Panic darts through their decreasing numbers
As the mortars leave them in forgotten graves
The dominant fools shout out from caves
In the shattered domain of crumbling ground
The crash of projectiles move in to surround

He charges from cover to base to the war zone
Past the remains of the conquered and unknown
The enemy lying beside the ranks of the ally
Smoke and dust emanate from a black sky
Bombs fall to tear apart all in the outcry
No one left to remember those who died

A home to peace and happiness is lost
Only the peaceful are spared the cost

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