Nov. 2: Plan Your Epitaph Day, Day of the Dead, National Deviled Egg Day, Cookie Monster Day

by on March 2nd, 2011
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Plan Your Epitaph Day

The sophomoric exercise of writing your own obituary has its own holiday adaptation: Plan Your Epitaph Day. Your epitaph will be your “last words” to the world, etched on your gravestone. Dig deep and compose a creative, pithy, sarcastic or humorous epitaph. Make it as memorable as one of these famous epitaphs:

* “She did it the hard way.” — Bette Davis

* “Against you I will fling myself, unvanquished, and unyielding, o death.” — Virginia Woolf

* “Fly Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.” — Edgar Allen Poe

Day of the Dead

Planning your epitaph is one way you could celebrate the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday to remember departed souls. The observance is not somber or bleak like the Roman Catholic All Souls Day. “Indigenous people believed that souls did not die, that they continued living in Mictlan, a special place to rest. In this place, the spirits rest until the day they could return to their homes to visit their relatives” according to Day of the Dead.

Ways to celebrate:

* Attend a local Day of the Dead event near you, like the one in San Francisco.

* Make crafts or foods in skull shapes.

National Deviled Egg Day

Devilishly good things have been happening in the week that includes Halloween, Simhain and Mexico’s Day of the Dead. Maybe you have too many leftover eggs from not egging your neighbors’ houses or you didn’t make a lot of pan de muerto, a sweet egg bread for the Day of the Dead. Deviled eggs date to ancient Rome according to Foodtimeline although they didn’t carry that name.

The term devil first appeared in the “early 19th century as a verb meaning to cook something with fiery hot spices or condiments” according to “The Oxford Companion to Food.”

Cookie Monster Day

The letter of the day is “C.” It’s not every day you get to celebrate a Muppet’s birthday and Nov. 2 is Cookie Monster’s birthday. David Rudman is the Emmy-nominated puppeteer who brings the wild, blue Muppet to life.

* Use up some of that chocolate or nutty candy from Halloween in a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe.

* Chill out with some Cookies-and-Cream Parfaits or cupcakes.

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