New Fall TV Show Titles May Confuse

by on December 16th, 2014
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With all the new network shows this fall, it’s hard to tell what a series is about from its title. We can rule a few misconceptions out.

“Ringer” – Sorry, telemarketers, you haven’t finally gotten your own show.

“Up All Night” – Don’t worry, it’s not the adventures of a man on Viagra.

“H8R” – Nope, Scrabble hasn’t made it to primetime.

“Free Agents” – Transplanted suburban Russians were afraid for a moment there.

“Person of Interest” – Relax, not another cable news talk show.

“The X Factor” – Check listings clearly. It’s Fox, not Cinemax.

“2 Broke Girls” – Whew! I thought these girls dated a bodybuilder.

“Terra Nova” – Not the return of Vinnie from “Wiseguy.”

The Playboy Club” – Probably not 1960s boys hiding in the corner at the newsstand.

“Last Man Standing” – Hopefully the chairs outside the ladies’ changing room aren’t all gone.

“Man Up!” – Again, Viagra not a sponsor.

“Charlie’s Angels” – The comeback of Charlie Sheen is not this soon.

“Whitney” – Fortunately, they didn’t spin-off the reality show “Bobby & Whitney.”

“The Secret Circle” – You will not have to take Paul Lynde to block.

“Unforgettable” – I don’t remember what this is about.

“A Gifted Man” – Yeah, I was afraid it was about a guy returning things at Target, too.

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