My 8 Winter Beauty Secrets

by on October 1st, 2010
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Winter is not a season to dread but one you can look forward to when you know a few winter beauty secrets to keep you looking great when the cold weather arrives. If you suffer from dry, cracked skin and flyaway hair like I do, you’ll be happy to know there are a few simple things you can do to combat this problem.

Does your face look pale or turn red in the winter? Many women face this common problem. In many cases, it only takes tweaking your skin care routine just a little or adding a different color to your make-up to eliminate the problem so you can feel like a million bucks all season long.

Here are my 8 winter beauty secrets I would like to share with you:

Secret One: To keep your skin soft and silky smooth during the winter, use a humidifier in your home. You need heat to stay warm but heating units can dry out your skin fast making it look rough and scaly. A humidifier will help put moisture back into the air and this will help prevent your skin from drying out when you’re home.

Secret Two: Use a good moisturizer on your skin after showering. This is the best time to use a moisturizer because it will soak into the skin better.

Secret Three: Static electricity created by the cold air can cause flyaway hair. Drink lots of water every day and this will help keep your hair hydrated so it won’t dry out, leading to the flyaways. Drinking water will also help keep your skin hydrated so it will stay soft and smooth all winter.

Secret Four: Don’t shampoo your hair every day. Shampooing daily can strip the natural oils from your hair leaving it dry, brittle and unmanageable.

Secret Five: Gently wash your hair in cool or warm water and use a leave-in conditioner and this will help to tame that flyaway hair. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet or brush it too often when it’s dry. Use a wide-tooth comb to touch up instead.

Secret Six: Keeping your makeup looking good in the winter can be a little difficult. A good tip is to use a quality face cream under your makeup to make it last longer in the cold. Look for a product that is richer than what you normally use even if you have oily skin most of the time. Your skin will be dryer in the winter and this will help keep it moisturized so your makeup will go on smoothly.

Secret Seven: Did you know that wearing red and pick colors in your makeup could give your skin that reddish look? It’s a good idea to stay away from these colors in the winter, especially if your skin tends to turn a reddish color naturally.

Secret Eight: Protect your lips in the winter so they don’t become dry and cracked from the cold. Instead of wearing a lip-gloss, try something containing beeswax and this will help keep your lips soft and luscious all season.

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