My 35 Year Career Did Not Always Benefit My Personal Finances

by on March 7th, 2015
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My career in real estate and construction began as a part time job. I was active duty military and my personal finances needed an addition. In 1976, the first step required to sell real estate in Texas, was to pay for and complete a 30 hour course based on the principals and practices of real estate. The other step was that you must have a sponsor and you must pass a test administered by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Then you were issued a license by the state. It was simple enough to get started, and simple enough to perform. My job was to assist and guide people in their search for opportunities for the investment of their life savings and personal finances. My paycheck was based entirely on sales production. My career had an ominous start.

By 1979, we were experiencing double digit inflation, unemployment, and interest rates. When one factors lagging and anxious consumer confidence with those predicaments, it is probable that the sum will equal chaos. It was untimely for me to be job hunting, but the demands on my personal finances were only compounded by their short supply. I had no choice but to make a career change.

Since the economic recession was having deep effects on real estate sales, I laterally shifted my career to construction. The construction industry was optimistic and homebuilders were on a fast track. My personal finances were improved and I was able to continue to help people to reach their American dream, homeownership.

The collapse of Savings and Loan Associations, the bankruptcy of builders, contractors, real estate companies and all other related sectors, was devastating to the industry. In some segments, almost fifty percent of all existing, engaging, enterprising and growing businesses, had failed. The catalysts for disaster were a series of well intended, but poorly managed Federal regulations, and record high mortgage rates, compounded by panic. It would take years to climb out of this dilema, but good people survived to begin the long rebuilding of the real estate and homebulider industries.

On more than one occasion, I could have chosen to change my career field, but I didn’t. I decided 35 years ago that someone will always be needed out of the office, on the job and on the road to insure quality of construction for quality of life. I have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, on a hundred different roads, yet I haven’t changed my mind or my line of work, because I enjoy it. I get to build with my hands, embellish with my mind, and I am allowed to earn a bonus by knowing that I have helped others along the way. “To enjoy your work and to accept your lot in life, that is indeed a gift from God.” There will always be a need for properly trained, qualified and experienced professionals in my industry, irregardless of economic circumstances. I intend to continue to be one of those professionals, because that’s what I do.

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