Michigan Welfare Cuts Soon????

by on July 30th, 2010
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There are those that possibly will be cut off because of 6-year limit and others because of a 4-year limit to receive assistance. This is unfortunate for the children and the communities that will be affected. Have there been those that have abused the system and know how to work around the system? Probably yes. Have there been those that truly need the assistance and are doing the very best that they know? Probably yes.

On October 1, 2011 the 4-year and 5-year limits became a law. How will this affect the families that might be cut off? Can these families possibly look at this as an opportunity to go back to school? Possibly someone might learn a new skill. Sometimes one door is closed so that another one will open. Will this help end or cut down on welfare fraud?


Sometimes we do not like change, but it is necessary. Possibly the recipients can embrace the change and look to become self-sufficient. Possibly the recipients might feel like victims and that they have no control over their situation. Have the recipients investigated other options and alternatives that might be available to them? Nothing stays the same. We must re constantly reassessing things in life including our lifestyle, working, education, family, and much more. Have the recipients considered there are alternatives and they need not feel hopelessness? Have the recipients considered that they need not view themselves as victims, but overcomers?


Have the recipients assessed the skills that they already have? Everyone has something that they are good at. Sometimes it might take a while to find out what that is. Possibly there are those on assistance that could become cosmetologists. Possibly they have a gift for braiding and styling hair. What about cooking? Are there any cooking connoisseurs out there? Are there some people that can just make a great meal from scratch and make it taste like a million dollar dinner? Do the recipients need to use their creativeness and discover a new way to survive in life? What about construction work? I have seen female construction workers. There was a time you would not see a woman working on construction. Times have changed. Maybe recipients can find resources to start there own daycare home or daycare facility. Some of the choices may be endless.


Education is key. This might just be a solution. Someone once said, “When you know to do better, you will do better.”

Personal Observation

I have observed that a Human Resource Building has just been newly built on Clio Road, near Pierson Road, in Flint, Michigan. Was there a particular reason that this building was built in this particular area? Could it be possible it will be closer for the majority of the recipients that will be affected by the new law?

Do you know or see people in the grocery store selling their Food Stamps for cash money? Is it that they have too many Food Stamps? Is it that they need cash for other things?

Are there those that just want to make a life of public assistance? Possibly if some were shown how to do better, then they would. Has that been the case in your life? Possibly you did what you knew, but then when you learned to do better, you did so.

As I watched Oprah Show one day, I noticed the differences in some countries. In Denmark a lady commented that they took care of their elderly and did not have a homeless problem. Others stated they pay higher taxes in order to care for the young children and their elderly. Some stated they were glad to do that.

Do we need to be more concerned about our children and our elderly than we have been in the past? What do you think?



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