Masturbation Will Blow Us Away

by on January 19th, 2015
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Masturbation is a common experience of most teens especially boys and many adults too. Girls also have shown shocking interest in the habit.

It’s natural to explore one’s own sexuality as a just- hit -puberty young person. so let’s throw out some of the myths. if you masturbate, you won’t go blind, you won’t run out of sperm and your palms won’t grow hair on them. It’s also a myth that not masturbating will harm you.

The bible or Koran nowhere mentions of masturbation. However, the bible does tell us other things concerning managing our sexuality that shape our attitude towards masturbation.

Firstly, don’t lust(matthew5:28)lust is when we feed our sexual desires-which are harmless and natural with specific people or sexy pics.for most people, masturbating is not just about sexual release but an archive of lust. Jesus clearly forbids lust, since he knows that mentally having sex with someone influences the likeliness that we’ll act on those fantasies if we have the chance.

Secondly, don’t become addicted to anything (1corinthians6:12)comprehend that masturbation is dangerous and unhealthy. it can become an ever-increasing, controller of our lives that takes our focus off the really good stuff-like getting on with God, building friendships, living abundantly and serving others joyfully-period.

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