Joyful Moments

by on March 7th, 2015
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It’s green all the time

indoor and outdoor…

it’s beautiful in nature and

refreshing in fragrance

it’s a tree that brings joy to

a quiet house, a lonely place;

it’s a place where people share

old memories and

create new ones for the years to come

It’s a Christmas tree

a great decoration could be…

a natural smell and unique figure

by the mantle…

It sparkles with ornaments

photos of your childhood

it’s fragrant and tall carrying

every ones story,

an open book cheerful moments…

It’s tall, grandiose

it’s where you experience

the joyous times with family

unwrapping gifts, freeze in the moments

in time – times to remember

again around a Christmas tree next year

this is how you create your future…

Happy Holidays!

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