John Morrison was Decimated by the Miz in His Final Match with WWE (Squash Match)

by on September 16th, 2010
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Tonight on Raw (Nov 28, 2011), John Morrison was scheduled to face his former tag team partner The Miz in a “Falls Count Anywhere Match” in his final match with the WWE. While John Morrison was making his way to the ring, The Miz appeared behind Morrison with a lead pipe.

The Miz hit Morrison’s leg with the lead pipe numerous times and WWE refs came out and attempted to assist JoMo to the back. However, Morrison hobbled down to ring and wrestled The Miz despite his leg injury.

The match didn’t last too long considering that its Morrison final match with the WWE. The Miz grabbed a kendo stick and both men were able to use it on each other during the match. Morrison showed some heart despite his leg injury, he landed some shots in during the match. In the end Morrison gingerly walked up the ramp using the kendo stick as a cane.

As Morrison reached the peak of the ramp, Miz was able throw Morrison headfirst into the WWE Logo that is present at the top of the ramp. For good measure, Miz landed the Skull Crushing Finale on the steel ramp. The ref determined that Morrison was unconscious and Miz was declared the winner of the match. After the match, WWE refs and trainers applied a neck brace on Morrison’s neck and carted him off.

We can assume that this is WWE’s way of writing Morrison off television for good. The brutal attack wrote Morrison off TV and it aided Miz’s current push back to the top.

It’s been pretty much confirmed that Morrison is done with the WWE, and we can speculate on many reasons (Melina) why he wasn’t pushed during his career, and why he failed to reach a new deal.

As of Nov 28, 2011, this is the last WWE event that John Morrison was being advertised for. John Morrison did announce that he will speak on his future with WWE next week. To read all of my articles pertaining to John Morrison, click here:


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