Joe Pa and the Pervert

by on August 9th, 2010
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Perhaps perversion is the norm. Denial of it certainly is. From priests to Popes, coaches to cops sexual molestation gets a pass. Abusive behavior is so engrained in human nature that apparently it is becoming acceptable. Only the media makes something of it and they because it is a edgy and sellable story. Be it dear Uncle Pervy or the scout master it’s hard for a kid to make it to adulthood without some sort of unwanted sexual contact. Children are also part of the problem, initialion, hazing and bully behavior all involve perverse intimacy.

We keep all of this hidden because to admit to our nature would be unacceptable or impolite. For years homosexual were singled out as corrupters of youth when in reality the likelyhood of parental abuse was far more likely. It’s unusual for someone you know to not have had some unwanted sexual contact while growing up. If you don’t speak up then you must put it behind you and go on living. You allow the unacceptable for any number of stupid reasons. He’s my Dad, I love Uncle Pervy, Father Bob is a man of God or he’s my coach. If you accept this then you are part of the problem, prone to future abuse and one of the deniers.

Ask the cabin boy, ask the child bride, ask frigging Socrates, “Are children acceptable objects of sexual desire?” History will seeming say that they are. The wrath of society is hypocrisy, we grow angry because we participate either actively or passively, you can go to the slammer for kiddy porn but booking a sex tour of Thailand is perfectly legal. Righteousness is always easier than reconcilliation.

Read the ten commandments, “Don’t diddle the children” isn’t there. I suspect Moses of stemming roses.

If we were better animals stepchildren would be eaten, infertile partners ignored and our offspring protected ferociously.

Leave the kids alone.

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