Information on Indian Arranged Weddings

by on March 7th, 2015
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The custom of Indian arranged weddings are a controversial discussion point among Westerners. There are many people who take a negative view where this custom is concerned. Even though people in the West are often not in agreement with this arrangement, many young people from India do not experience a problem with it.

The arrangement is normally organized by the male as well as the females family. There are many aspects that they need to look at when considering the compatibility of the two people concerned. Religion is normally quite important. The preference will be that they are of the same religion and the same sect would be preferred. The female should normally be younger than the male. She should also be shorter in height than he is.

Many families prefer that the girl has a fair skin. Both the boy and the girl should also be satisfied with each other’s looks. Their mother tongue should be the same. Their ethnic caste should be the same. The dietary habits and other habits like smoking and alcohol consumption should be acceptable to both parties.

It is preferable that they have a similar education level. If not, then the male should be more highly educated than the female. Their choice of profession should be acceptable to both families. The female should be happy with the male’s current and future financial position. There are some families who will perform an astrological compatibility chart.

Some families will discuss all these various expectations with their offspring before the search for a suitable partner is started. The expectations will be discussed with relatives as well as close family friends and they will be able to offer suggestions as well. When a suitable agreement has been finalized between the parents on both sides, the relatives and friends of the families will gather to give their blessing.

This event is comparable to the traditional Western engagement. At the time of this event the date for the wedding will be set and agreed upon. Normally, an astrologically favorable date will be chosen for the wedding day. The families exchange fruits as well as clothing as a symbol of acceptance of the arrangement.

People in India feel that when they enter an arranged marriage, they have to base that marriage on commitment. They do this because they do not yet have feelings for the other person. As the marriage progresses, the feelings will become stronger and so will the commitment. If your initial basis for your marriage is feelings only, what happens if those feelings wane? This may well be the reason why the divorce rate is so much higher in the West than in India.

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