How to Make a Door Draft

by on October 22nd, 2010
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You may have seen door drafts advertise on TV where you snip the Styrofoam to fit. You can fashion your own door drafts without too much effort, and you may have enough material leftover to make several. The following is a quick low-down on the simplest way to formulate a door draft.

Using a worn, canvas chair or seat that you are going to get rid of like the kind that might be taken to a sporting event is the skin of the skeleton so to speak. The ends where the legs go through the canvas are openings, which the Styrofoam will go in. Remove the legs without cutting into the canvas. Some canvas chairs may have snaps that you can pull apart to remove the canvas. This may be a convenience that allows the canvas to be easily washed when it gets dirty. If the canvas is cut to remove it from the legs, it can be sewn back together with adjustments that will allow it to fit the door or window you have chosen for it.

When the canvas is removed there should be two sides with tubular openings on both ends. Open the door you have chosen to put the door draft and slip the center part of the canvas under the door where each tubular opening will be on either side. Cut the access canvas away. Do not cut the canvas down the center, but straight across from one tubular to the other so that it can be used for other door drafts. The canvas for the door draft will likely be too wide. Remove the canvas, and fold the center strip onto itself. Hold the fold, and slide the door draft back under the door to see where the tubule’s fit. Repeat the process until the tubule’s fit snugly next to the door. Hold the fitted canvas together, and remove it. Sew the fold together. Now you have fitted the canvas to the door.

Using tubular Styrofoam, slide the Styrofoam into the opening of each tubular in the canvas. Cut the access Styrofoam to fit. To keep the Styrofoam from wondering outside of the tubes, sew the ends closed. You may choose to sew one end of each tube closed so that the Styrofoam can be removed for replacement if necessary.

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