How to Install Braces for Mini Blinds in Your House

by on August 20th, 2010
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Mini blinds are an excellent window treatment. Not only are they very practical but they look great, too. Putting up your mini blinds is a simple task. You will be able to do it with two people; some people even put them up themselves.

In this article we will look into how to install braces for mini blinds in your home. You will find that it will be relatively easy and the finished look will be great. You can put mini blinds on all the windows in your home.

Measuring Your Window

The first thing that you will need to do is measure your windows. You will then add two inches on either side. This is how you will know how wide of mini blinds that you need to get. Once you have your measurements you will go shopping to find the mini blinds that you desire.

Since there are many different types of blinds make sure you are getting the proper ones for your room. Mini blinds are safe and economical.

The mini blind braces are included in the mini blinds package. They will be the first things that you will want to put up. You will need a screwdriver because you will need to screw the braces into the wall.

The first brace will be screwed in the wall two inches above the window and two inches from the left side of the window. You will do the same thing on the other side of the window. If it is a large window you may have a third brace that you will screw in the center of the window and two inches up. You will not need this third brace on a smaller window, so keep that in mind.

Since you will most likely have another person helping you, have them hold the measuring stick as you tick off the space that you will want to put the braces. That way you will a better idea of where to install the braces. Then, let them hold the brace in place as you screw it into the wall. Make sure that it is all the way in.

Once you have your braces installed you can then attach the blinds. Make sure that the pulls work freely and that you understand how to open and close the mini blinds. Do not pull too hard on them and if they get stuck you may need to redo them or repair them.

Closing Thoughts

Now you should understand how to install braces for mini blinds throughout your home. You can start the process as soon as you purchase your mini blinds. Once they are up you will just love how easy they are to use and to clean. Mini blinds will make your windows look great.

Mini blinds come in lots of different colors, so you can use them in every room. Pick the ones that will look the best for the decor in the room you are putting them in.

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