How to Get Your Kids to Listen

by on June 14th, 2014
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Kids know when to tune out mom and dad. Unless the conversation includes something they desire, they know when to turn off their ability to hear. However, they expect parents to listen when they have something to say. Stop being ignored, and stop repeating yourself over and over to try and get through to kids that absolutely refuse to listen. Read on to find out clever ways to get your kids to listen, and gain their undivided attention without mentioning fast food, video games or cold hard cash.

Use their Name when Speaking

When trying to get your kids to listen, think of how other adults gain the attention of a friend in a crowded store. They use their name. Get your kids to listen by using their name before uttering a single word, and make sure they have made eye contact before continuing to speak. This will shake them out of their TV trance or whatever it is that has their attention.

Take Away Distractions when Kids Refuse to Listen

If kids do not listen and refuse to acknowledge what you are saying, take away the distractions. Turn off the music, the games or the TV before beginning to speak. Keep in mind that you are in charge. Let them think they are the alpha male or female of the household and you are in for a rough eighteen plus years.

Get them to Listen by Using a Polite Tone of Voice

Some parents literally snap at their kids every time they speak. If this is all someone ever heard from family and so-called friends, they would tune them out too. Listen to how you sound to the kids. If you are oblivious to the snapping and snarling, record conversations that include the kids. Come off as hostile because you expect an argument every time you open your mouth, and they will not listen – ever. Speak to the kids in the same manner you would like to be spoken to. They learn by example. Turn off the angry or snappy tone, and get them to really listen. Despite their questionable behavior at times, kids are people too.

How to Stop the Arguing

Do your kids argue just about every time you make a statement. Turn off their snappy, rude tone of voice by demanding respect. Let them get away with taking your head off and being rude and they will tell you were to go and how fast to get there in no time flat. Stop the arguing with one simple answer – I am not going to change my mind! This leaves absolutely no room for confusion or arguing when trying to get them to listen. Keep uttering the same sentence each time they try to state their case. Give in and they will argue each and every time they do not get their way, and they will be ruling your roost and your wallet for many years to come.

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