How My Family is Saving to Add More Technology to Our Home

by on July 22nd, 2010
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I live in a big technology filled home. My husband owned a computer repair company and everyone in the family, aside from my 2-year-old daughter has a computer or a laptop. However, as we all know, technology is advancing every day and coming up with so many new gadgets. While we have our computers, we have fallen behind in the tablet and reader category, so that is our goal now.

Given that the economy has been tough on us like it has on so many families, going out and buying the most current technology when it comes out has not been an option for us. So, as a family, we have decided what gadgets we want and are working toward raising the money to get our gadgets.

The New Kindle Fire and the Kids

My two middle children, age 10 and 11, have both decided that they would like the new Kindle Fire so they can download the books they want to read and have them wherever they may be. While this item is not out yet, the suggested price is around $200. The kids have decided that this is the gadget they want to save for and that is what they are doing. They have their money jars and allowance is being collected. They have asked for extra jobs so they can make more money and within a few months, they may just have enough.

My daughter also makes bracelets and necklaces and has been selling those to raise extra money for her Kindle Fire. I believe that by making them learn to save and chose what they want to save for helps them appreciate it more when they are able to go and purchase it.

An iPad and a Kindle Fire

For myself, I am looking at the iPad as well as a Kindle Fire. The iPad is currently running about $500. I am looking at it for work because I think it will give me the flexibility to write in many different locations and be easier than carrying around my laptop. I would like to get the Kindle Fire because I used to be an avid reader. Unfortunately an autoimmune disease has made my hands unable to hold a book for very long and it makes reading painful. I want to be able to read again and having an e-book reader would give me the ability to read again.

So, for me I am looking at about $700 total for both products. In order to purchase these, I have created a savings account and setting aside some money each week. With my writing I am paid per article so I have decided to try and write at least three extra articles a week and place that money into my gadget account. It may take me some time, but I have the goal set and am working toward it. Granted, with the way technology changes, my items may change once the money is saved, but at least I will have accomplished my goal.

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