Green Alcoholic Drinks for Christmas

by on February 8th, 2011
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Serve these delicious green alcoholic drinks at your next Christmas party or event. There’s a little something for everyone below, but remember – These beverages are for those 21 and older, as they do contain alcohol.

Green Jell-O Shots

Nothing gets the party started like Jell-O Shots! They’re cool, refreshing, and in this case, colored green for Christmas. You’ll need to make this recipe ahead of time because it needs to have time to set.

You’ll need:

– 1 cup DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps
– 1 package green apple Jell-O
– 1 cup boiling water

Boil water and add Jell-O. Stir till dissolved. Add the (chilled) Schnaps and stir. Pour into shot glasses and place these green alcoholic drinks in the refrigerator until set. Makes approximately 20 servings.


Grasshoppers are so tasty, you may forget they have alcohol in them! These alcoholic drinks for Christmas are sweet enough to be a dessert, but don’t serve them to kids!

You’ll need equal parts:

– Crème de Cacao
– Crème de Menthe
– Vodka
– Mint garnish

Shake well and pour into serving glasses. If the vodka taste is too strong, add less alcohol.

Green Apple Martini

These green alcoholic drinks are sophisticated and delicious. The recipe below makes one green apple martini. You’ll need:

Equal parts each of:

– Vodka
– Apple juice
– DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps

Shake well and serve.

Absinthe on the Rocks

If you can locate a bottle of Absinthe, it can be served over the rocks as one of your alcoholic Christmas drinks. Be warned, though. This is one potent beverage! It’s been banned in some places for it’s high alcohol content.

This is one of my absolute favorite green alcoholic drinks for Christmas. It’s fruity and refreshing, but it does contain a lot of alcohol. You’ll need:

1 ounce each of:

– Peach Schnapps
– Green Apple Schnapps
– Coconut Rum
– Vodka
– Ice

Pour ingredients together and shake.

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