Five Truly Unique 2011 Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys

by on January 5th, 2015
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Halloween 2011. Before you know it it will be upon you. As all good parents do, you want the best for your child. You want your boy to be unique and feel special, everyday, not just on Halloween. But Halloween is even more important. Boys want to be cool. They don’t want to be the same dull pirate that they were last year. They are going through a developmental stage that is causing them to seek individuality. If you buy them the same costume that half their class has, they won’t feel special or unique. With that in mind, here are 5 truly unique 2011 Halloween costumes for boys.

1) Sgt. Pepper. That’s Sgt. Pepper as in The Beatles. Your boy will definitely be a true original if he dresses as one of The Beatles. Just google ‘Sgt. Pepper’ and you will see 4 truly unique men. You can let your child choose which Beatle he wants to be. Let him help with the whole process. Depending on your resources it may be tough to find the costume and you may have to piece it together. Let your boy help you. This will be a bonding experience. Adults will love this costume when your child rings their doorbell. He will love it, too.

2) 8-Ball. That’s a billiards 8-ball. Really it can be any of the pool balls except the cue ball as it will not be unique (some people might think it’s a snowball or baseball…). What you want here is a large, 3-D ball, and not some silly flat suit with a number eight on it. You want a large, round, 8-ball. You can make it out of styrofoam. Just get a huge chunk of styrofoam and make it perfectly round. Then cut it in half (vertically). Carve out enough space for your boy to fit inside. Then reattach it with Velcro or a nut and bolt latch if you are good with tools. Next you need to paint it in the corresponding color of the ball you chose. Then add the number. Use a decal printed from the Internet. And viola. Done.

3) Greed is good – Michael Douglas. You want your boy to be completely 1980’s Wall Street. He needs a slick suit (can be found at local thrift shops), shoes, tie, an old school large cell phone/car phone. Get the large ones that rich guys had in their cars in the late 80s. They are quite easy to find at any Goodwill. And they are remarkably cheap (couple dollars). The main item he will need is slicked back hair. You boy will need longer hair for this to look best. You can also get him some mirror-framed sunglasses. Make it look authentic.

4) Multiple t-shirt kid. Very simple. You need to have your child wear as many t-shirts as possible. If he can have over 100 shirts on it will look amazing. He will love it and everybody you see will smile. This is very simple. Just get a bunch of shirts in progressively larger sizes. Try yard sales or discount shops to get large quantities for lower prices.

5) George Washington. Don’t dress him as a quarter or dollar bill. Too dull. No. Go for George himself. You need to find or make Revolutionary War era looking clothing. This could be tricky but it doesn’t have to be exact. The key here is the head. Either make a vintage looking hat or, better yet, go with the powdered wig. You may or may not want to have him carry a toy rifle. Your choice. Just make it look good. You also need to teach him some old time sounding words and phrases like: “Good evening fine lady and gentleman, might I have some of your most delectable chocolate candy?” This will be Youtube worthy.

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