Excellent Stain Remover Techniques Just for Clothes

by on December 24th, 2014
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We all end up spilling food on a favorite shirt or pants at one time or another, after all Murphy’s Law is everywhere. Murphy’s Law strikes while you drink your morning coffee, and while you are eating that mustard hot dog at the ball game. I never had to much success lifting stains from my poor clothes, until I tried different stain remover solutions over the years. I have to admit some were effective and some not.

And of course the clothes that could not be salvaged ended up in the rag bin. Throwing out my clothes or tearing them up into rags goes again my frugal living lifestyle, so I found out these awesome clothes stain remover techniques that work well removing just about any kind of stain imaginable.

Here are a couple of my favorite and less usual stain remover techniques:

Chocolate Stains - Before you start removing the stain, try and dab or brush off as much of the chocolate as possible. Now you can safely spray diluted dish soap right on the stain, and then rub in a teaspoon of laundry detergent. And then you rinse the article of clothing with water. When you use a diluted mixture of dish soap and water, you get to skip using those expensive pre treat stain remover sprays which saves money.

Soy Sauce - After you notice the stain, try to immediately spray with diluted dish soap and then flush with water. Now you can use white vinegar and then let dry for a couple minutes. If the stain persists, simply repeat if necessary. If the stain still has not been lifted, you can try using hydrogen peroxide and let stand for a couple minutes. I really like using Dawn for a diluted dish soap mixture. Dawn lifts out all kinds of oil which some soy sauces have.

Coffee or Tea - First you want to rinse the area with white vinegar or lemon juice. Now you can safely wash the clothing with bleach and water if applicable.

Ink From a Permanent Marker or Ball Point Pen - First you can try pouring a little isopropyl alcohol on the stain. Isopropyl alcohol should effectively break up the ink pigment. When the color has vanished, you can safely rinse with a diluted dish soap mixture. And then you can wash the clothing in laundry detergent and water.

Grease Stains Like Butter, Chicken Grease or Oil - First, you can try use a little acetone on the grease spot, and then rinse out the stain with isopropyl alcohol and dry well. And now you can spray on a little dishwashing soap and then soak with laundry detergent.

Grass Stains - First, you want to use acetone on the stain spot, then press down with a clean rag. And you can repeat this procedure as many times as you need to remove the grass color. Next, you use isopropyl alcohol and let the stain dry. And finally, you can soak the clothing in laundry detergent and water, then wash.

Everyone has there own favorite stain remover techniques, and I am always on the prowl for new and even old “recipes” to remove a lifetime of clothes stains yet to come.

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