Easy Ways to Update an Outdated Kitchen

by on March 7th, 2015
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A kitchen should be warm and inviting, but when it is outdated it can look tired and unappealing. Remodeling with all new cabinetry, flooring, lighting, wall tiles and countertops is very expensive, and it is also unnecessary. It is possible to update your outdated kitchen without professional help, and without spending a lot of money. All it takes is a little creativity, new cabinet decor, fixtures, paint and the desire to update the room in stylish ways.

I plan on buying a home in the very near future, and if the kitchen is outdated I will have no choice but to use easy budget solutions to update everything from the cabinets to the flooring. Fortunately, my ideas for easy updates can be completed one at a time. Little by little it can become a dream kitchen.

Consider Painting or Refinishing Outdated Cabinet Doors

When remodeling just about any kitchen, the greatest expense by far is the cabinetry. Quality cabinets can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Replacement is not always necessary. If old cabinets are in good condition, consider painting or refinishing outdated kitchen cabinet doors. Shop online, or visit a home improvement store for a refinishing kit, or paint the doors using the instructions in the article entitled Painting Kitchen Cabinets. Even if you do not update anything else, new paint or stain will make a tremendous difference. My fiancĂ© used a refinishing kit to update his 1980’s cabinet doors, and the improvement was remarkable. http://voices.yahoo.com/painting-kitchen-cabinets-90506.html?cat=6

Update Outdated Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware can be quite expensive, but it is an easy update when trying to bring outdated kitchen cabinets into the twenty-first century. Carefully measure existing holes in cabinet doors and drawers, and buy new pulls and handles of the appropriate size. It can also make a dramatic difference in the overall look of outdated kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.

Add a Stylish New Countertop

A countertop takes up a vast amount of square footage, especially if cabinets are abundant. When the counter is worn, damaged or simply outdated, it can ruin the entire look of the room no matter how great the cabinets look. Consider investing in a stylish new countertop. It is money well spent, especially if the doors, drawers and hardware look like new.

Update Outdated Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can also date a kitchen, and when they are decades old they can bring down the entire look of the space. A kitchen in one of my first homes was outfitted with ugly pendant lighting from the early 1960’s, and simply switching the globes would not have been enough. I had a friend replace both outdated fixtures, and the difference was phenomenal. Small improvements really can make a huge difference, especially in an outdated kitchen.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

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