Do You Think You Have a Horrible Boss? Then Sit Down and Watch the 2011 Movie Horrible Bosses

by on November 25th, 2014
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My favorite movie of 2011 is a comedy about three friends, Dale, Nick and Kurt, who hate their bosses, called Horrible Bosses . Dale, Nick and Kurt refused to quit their jobs, so they instead found a way to get rid of their bosses by devising a plan to kill them in a way it would not be traced back to the three friends.

It is an excellent movie! I had seen trailers for it many times, but I thought it would be just another stupid guy movie that tried to hard to be funny. Boy, was I wrong! Horrible Bosses was so much better than I originally expected!

The movie started off hilarious from the start! I could not stop laughing! The descriptions of each of the main characters’ bosses and the titles given to the bosses were vulgar, but so true! Every part of the movie increased with hilarity!

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who comes home from work stressed and ready to give up. Watching Dale, Nick and Kurt struggle with their own Horrible Bosses will keep you laughing and will relieve your stress. Your work life will seem minor compared to those in Horrible Bosses . Just don’t get any ideas and attempt to kill your bosses! You’ll be in a whole another world of stress and pain if you do!

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