CM Punk Bashes TNA at a WWE House Show in Amneville, France

by on March 7th, 2015
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WWE Superstar CM Punk was caught on camera arguing with a fan who taunted him at Friday’s Raw Tour Event in Amneville, France.

At the house show in Amneville, France on November 4, 2011, CM Punk defeated WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio in the main event. After the match, CM Punk was giving fans high fives at ringside, but one fan booed CM Punk.

CM Punk approached the fan with “crybaby” hand gestures, and called the fan a “Cena” fan. The fan went to say that he hated John Cena, but Punk responded with “I bet you watch TNA, don’t you?!”

The fan’s response was he doesn’t watch TNA, but Punk said “Your friend does!” CM Punk mocked the TNA promotion by saying that “It’s good.” CM Punk was displaying John Cena’s “O” hand gestures while mocking TNA. The fan recorded the entire incident, and the link is below if you really want to see what I just described in the previous paragraphs.

Click here to see the video:

Recently, CM Punk took a verbal jab at TNA Wrestling on Twitter. Punk said that his misses working for TNA just like his misses high school. CM Punk worked for TNA Wrestling in 2003-2004.

CM Punk is well known for arguing with fans at house shows. CM Punk has argued with kids on numerous ocassions. Click below to watch and read about his entertaining argument with a fan last July in Australia.

Source: Youtube

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