Childhood Memories Are Why ‘Transformers 3′ is My Favorite Movie of 2011

by on October 26th, 2014
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My brief movie review
I know, it may not be at Academy Award level but hear me out on this one. The third Transformers movie improved greatly upon the second one, and that will come as a welcomed change to the fans of the 1980’s cartoon as well as young people who aren’t familiar with the origins of the warriors from Cybertron. Megan Fox being gone doesn’t hurt the movie in my opinion, not that her acting ability had anything to do with her being hired. Aspects of the plot were predictable, but that isn’t exactly a surprise due to the fact that Michael Bay isn’t known for his deep, intrigue filled storylines. One thing that did pleasantly surprise me is the rather dark turn the movie took after the Decepticons took over Detroit. The Motor City was transformed from an urban metropolis to post-apocalyptic ruins very quickly and unexpectedly. Another pleasant surprise story wise was the turn coat Sentinel Prime. He was an elder Autobot, and the one who taught Optimus everything he knew. It made it into a dire situation, and made the odds against the heroes almost insurmountable. Humans and robots working together has always been an important aspect of the cartoon, and it has transferred well onto the silver screen. All in all, it was an enjoyable ride, and there are a few reasons why it is my favorite movie of 2011.

Childhood memories are why it’s my favorite movie
The biggest determining factor for this being my choice is that it reminds me of my innocent youth. Growing up in the 80’s allowed me to enjoy wonderful cartoon choices, and Transformers was my favorite of them all. The movies bring back all the memories of waiting in front of the TV for it to start with my snacks and every time it came on I sang along with the theme song. The epic battles they waged on every episode were very engrossing, and the dialogue had some intelligence to it as well. Seeing my childhood passion come to life on the big screen is the reason why Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon is my favorite movie of 2011.

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