Best Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes

by on November 9th, 2010
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I try to be ecologically conscious when it comes to all the choices I make as a consumer. Although I’m certainly far from perfect, I try to choose earth-friendly products over their unsustainable counterparts whenever it is feasible, practical, and reasonably affordable. When I need a new toothbrush, for example, I end up perusing the shelves of my local green-living store to find a sustainable product.

There are, surprisingly, several excellent options for consumers seeking earth-friendly toothbrushes. Here are a few of the green toothbrushes that I have used.


I’m a big fan of the recycled plastic products by Preserve, since they tend to rival conventional products in both cost and convenience. After falling in love with Preserve’s disposable razors, I gave their recycled-plastic toothbrushes a try– and was quite pleased with the results. Preserve toothbrushes clean thoroughly, and their bristles are soft and gentle. My daughter was equally pleased with her kiddie version of this product.


I was ultimately disappointed by the Cebra toothbrush I bought, but I think I would have been pleased if I’d been more open-minded. Cebra toothbrushes are made from beech wood, with natural bristles. Although it cleaned effectively and was highly sustainable, I couldn’t help but find the taste and sensation of a wooden toothbrush too “crunchy” and old-fashioned.


The Source eco-friendly toothbrush is ultimately the gold standard in sustainable dental hygiene, and I’ve settled on keeping my Source toothbrush for now. The handle of a Source toothbrush is made from recycled currency, wood, recycled flax, recycled polypro, and bio-plastic. Everything in the product is entirely recycled or renewable. These green toothbrushes have replaceable heads, which ultimately cost the same as an entire Source toothbrush. However, the replacement-heads do help to save material and energy.

I’ve settled on keeping my Source toothbrush and eventually buying replacement heads for it. At any rate, I’m so addicted to sustainability that I’ll never go back to standard plastic toothbrushes. Green dental hygiene products are well worthwhile for their quality and lasting benefit to the environment.

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