As the Leaves Change

by on March 7th, 2015
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Orange, yellow, red & green
are some of the richest colors ever seen.
The leaves change and then they fall,
and makes the most beautiful changes of all
How can I capture what the sky can not hold?
How do I embrace the change as things become cold?
The pictures I take capture just part,
the view of this beauty I hold in my heart.
It reminds me He’s there, it whispers He cares.
The creator, the maker of it all.
He’s the reason there’s even a Fall.
So I thank him and praise him for all that I see.
I’m forever thankful that I can be free.
Free to explore all that life has in store.
Soon the trees will be bare,
with not even a trace that a leaf was once there.
So today I’ll enjoy what I see with my eyes.
Because tomorrow they’ll be nothing but blues skies.

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