All the Right Answers

by on January 20th, 2011
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Millions of you all wearing different styles of shoes. Walk a half mile to nowhere and see where you end up. These soles are worn. Back up the hills, back down the hills.
The knees start to give way with older ages, the calves remain sore for hours into the night. Can’t wait to get these new shoes taken off the sore and aching feet. The shoes are removed and the feet breathe.

Joy enters the room wearing an emerald colored blouse.
‘So where’s the love?’ she asked in a mysterious whisper.
‘The feet I say’, without mentioning yet the knees and the calves.
‘Have you called the doctor?” she asked in a convincing manner.
‘Calling him tomorrow.’
‘Huh?’ she asked with sincerity .
‘Yes.’ I said.
‘No! She insisted, ‘Are you calling the doctor?’
‘Yes. His name is Dr. Huh.’
‘What? Huh?’ she questioned in a baffled state of antiquated celestial rhetoric.
‘Yes. Huh. Dr. Huh.’
‘Who’s on first? she said with a raucous laugh.

Then, the ibuprofen kicked in and the evening was filled by watching comedy shows and an old Abbott and Costello movie on the telly.


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