A Pain of the Pen Indeed

by on October 4th, 2010
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James and Jonathan came into the office with Sutton still following behind. “Wait a minute, Guys! You haven’t heard me out!” He cried. “Did it ever occur to you that maybe we don’t want to listen? After all of the things you say about us in the paper, do you actually think we are going to trust you to write an accurate account of my life?”

“Come on! You know the old saying forgive and forget! So what do you say? Can you forgive me?” Mr. Morris said. “No!” They replied in unison. “Knight, so many people want to know what kind of a guy you are. Why won’t you let them find out?”

“I have an idea for you, Morris. Why don’t you interview someone else? I am not the only one around here that catches murderers. All these men that you see in this office do a fine job, even more than me and Kroy. Why don’t you harass them for awhile?”

“James, may I call you that? You see if there were a story about you in the paper, there is no telling how many people might want to read it. . .”

“Just how much will you be getting paid if you get an interview with me for your paper?” James asked suspiciously. “I am not getting paid! Why must you think so poorly of me?”

“Give me a reason not to! Every time you want a story from me you never do it for free! You are worse than I thought,” James cried getting up from his seat.

He towered over Sutton with a stern look in his eyes. “It isn’t the fact that you are getting paid for this. The fact that you think I would do an interview without my partner in an insult to me and everyone else who works here!” James chided.

“You don’t have to get so upset.” Sutton sighed. “Why not? I don’t do this job by myself. Kroy and I work together and I would never betray him that way.” Morris shuddered away from Knight, never realizing how intimidating he was when serious.

“Excuse me, Inspectors.” Mason stated. “You are a very lucky man, now get out of here.” James turned to Mason. “What can we do for you?” He asked. “PC Morris just brought in a man caught stealing from a house in East Westerbury. He says he is the one responsible for the rash of burglaries.” He replied.

“A suspect! How exciting!” Sutton exclaimed. “Aren’t you gone yet?” James asked agitated. “Do you think I could come and interrogate him with you? It would make a great feature for the paper.”

“I am not giving you an interview. Just go home alright. Don’t push your luck, little man.” Sutton rolled his eyes. “I am not going anywhere!” He demanded. “Mason, shackle him and take him home.” James ordered. “You can’t do this!” Mason came over and ushered him toward the door.

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