24 Unique Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Carving Stencils

by on February 15th, 2011
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Not sure what to carve into your jack-o-lantern this year for Halloween? Here are a few unique last minute ideas:

MAD: MAD magazine mascot Alfred E. Newman. Free to print!

Chupacabra: Pumpkin Stencils of the Chupacabra monster.

Hunting: Free template of a hunter shooting a bird.

Peace Dove: Dove flying with olive branch. Free to print!

Never Too Late: Hands coming up from the cemetery ground to carve a pumpkin.

Have a Nice Day: Jack-o-lantern carving pattern of a traditional smiley face with fangs and the text “Have a nice day”.

Nevermore: The words Nevermore along with a winged Raven.

HD Fatboy: Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Devil: A horned devil with pointy features.

Donate Blood: The phrase “Donate Blood” appears to be dripping in blood itself.

I Love NY: The text “I (heart) NY”.

Road Goat: Stencil of a mad goat head. Moderate difficulty.

Bleeding Diamond: A large diamond jewel which appears to have blood dripping off it.

Boot Hill: A cowboy themed graveyard.

Gerber Baby: Stencil of the Gerber Baby.

Buzzard: A contemplative buzzard sitting on a branch.

Cattittude: An evil looking cat with a skull on the ground.

Root Of All Evil: Haunted tree and jack-o-lantern. Moderate difficulty.

Take My Hand: A creepy claw-like hand with a star background.

The Old Mill: A path leading to a windmill.

Dreamworks: The Dreamworks logo of a boy fishing from a moon.

Flowers and Heart: Flowers wrapped around the outline of a heart.

Ford Logo: Drive a Ford? Here is a logo for Ford cars.

The Visitor: Jack-o-lantern carving pattern of an alien.

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