14th February, Right?

by on December 7th, 2010
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My husband and I had long distance relationship before married. He lives in Greece and I was living in Indonesia. We were communicating mostly with yahoo messenger, because making new account in Skype or others need to install the messenger program or any related stuffs that required. So, we just use our yahoo messenger that we already had from long time in our laptops.

You can imagine that we always count on phones, sms and internet connections to keep communicated.
It was difficult and sometimes sad, could not spend the time together more often than waited for long holidays to come, to spend some time together in my country or his.

Every Valentine’s Day on the past years, we could not celebrated together until this year, we’re married in 2010. Last year I had to go back to my country for visa matter, bad thing happened; I lost my passport while we’re applying for my residential card in Greece.

Even though we haven’t really celebrated Valentine’s Day together, we had some memories to share…
Well, my husband is not really romantic person but I am. We discussed about this and he willing to be more romantic and tries very best.

The first time we spend our Valentine’s Day on internet, my husband didn’t noticing the day itself, cause in Greece it just another celebrations names for Valentina, Valentini, Valentine and Valentinous and it’s not something big in there.

So, on 14th February 2009 we were chatting with webcam like this;
Me : ” Hi, how are you?”
Bill : ” Fine, You?”
Me : ” Me too.”

A bit quite, because I was expecting he will says something about Valentine’s Day. Such as, “Happy Valentine!”, “Be my Valentine!” and so on but …
Bill : “What are you doing tonight?”
Me : “Nothing special, You?”
Bill : “Don’t know yet, still waiting phone calls from my friends”

After I could not stand it anymore, then said to him;
Me : ” Do you know what day today?”
Bill : ” Yes, Saturday. Why?”
Me : ” And …?”
Bill : ” 14th February, right?”
Me : (still expected he would say romantic things) “Right, and…?”
Bill : “And… what?”
Me : (a bit disappointed of him, but still hoping) “You really don’t know?”
Bill : “Yeah, why? Oh, is it your birthday?” (Showed sorry face on webcam)
Me : “No, you don’t even know my birthday too?”
Bill : “Sorry I really don’t know, just tell me; What’s going on?”
Me : “Happy Valentine’s day! ;(”
Bill : “Happy Valentine’s to you too :D!”
He asked sorry and wrote ‘Bunny Love You’ in interactive drawing pad on Yahoo messenger and he made it real on the sands too, when we met few months after on summer holidays.

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