by on August 25th, 2010
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Cold comes in
Both inside and out
The leaves fall away
and scatter about

Time keeps ticking on
The days get dark and gray
Light seems to disappear
and the sun is far away

Not a lot to be thankful for
Just another day of the week
Not a lot to smile about
Life has gotten bleak

Numb and tired
Cold and sad
No more fighting
No more getting mad

Just crying
Should be used to getting left alone
Just wanna curl up
And stay in at home

Not as good as him
Not good enough to to hold on to
Just another face in the crowd
Sad and blue

Gonna be a long winter
Gonna just stay in this time
Thankful for what I have near
What for the moment is mine

Wave goodbye to the year
Wave goodbye to a chunk of my heart
Never near again
Gonna be apart

Goodbye year.

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