We Want Homeworld 3!

by on March 9th, 2015
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The Homeworld series was a group of science fiction themed real time strategy games developed by Relic, and in one case, Barking Dog Studious, that tell the tale of a lost race looking to find its home in the stars and the struggles that follow. This series has built up a loyal and passionate fanbase from the beginning that stays strong, even 8 years after the last release, Homeworld 2. Now there has been a Facebook group, call-to-action to raise support for a new title.

So what happened to Homeworld?

While the games were by all means epic, their sales suffered from a limited player base and difficulty in managing the truly unique concept of three dimensions in a real time strategy game. This had the effect of keeping many gamers from easily adapting to the control scheme at a time when gaming in general was still far from the socially welcomed norm it is today. Later the license was abandoned for the most part and the publisher Sierra became defunct and Relic moving to a subsidiary of THQ.

Amid much uncertainly in the future of the series, the license to the Homeworld franchise was purchased by the publishers who currently own Relic Entertainment and feelings were strong that the world would finally see Homeworld 3. Years later however, there have been teases and hints but no such luck when it comes to any sort of solid confirmation of an active project for the franchise.

We Want Homeworld 3!

As time has passed, us fans have become impatient with the idea of once again seeing the franchise we love brought into the new age of technology with a current release. For this reason, the We Want Homeworld 3 Facebook group has been created, which currently stands at almost 1,500 members. These fans have been trying to find ways of actively collaborating on different methods of raising attention and awareness amongst gamers, both fans of the series and those unfamiliar with it and showing this desire for a Homeworld 3 to THQ in order to spur the wheels of development.

If you would like to see this series revived once more and are not content with the literal couple of hints dropped over the past 3 years about anything solid in the works, then I suggest you join up as well to make your voice part of an already loud shout, screaming “We Want Homeworld 3!”

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