Top 3 Fashion Flops of 2011

by on November 6th, 2010
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As 2011 comes to a close, so comes the best part of the year-countdown lists! Fashion is no exception. There are plenty of styles and trends that I was happy to see in 2011, but there were also several that I hope never see the light of day in 2012. What were some of the worst fashion trends of 2011? The answers may surprise you! Take a look at my top 3 fashion no-no’s of 2011 below.

#3 Gladiator Sandals. I’m not sure exactly what brought on this fashion abomination, but I hope it wasn’t this year’s slew of ancient Roman film flops (I’m looking at you, Immortals). If you’ve never seen a gladiator sandal, allow me to explain. These sandals are less sandals and more leather braces for your legs. With a flat, usually unadorned rubber sole and some hideous pattern of leather straps crawling up your calves, these shoes belong back where they came from-ancient Rome.

#2 Gray hair-on purpose! This one seems to have hit the hipster scene in the last half of 2011. Runway models and a few celebrities (Kelly Osbourne, what were you thinking?) have been dying or frosting their hair gray. Not white, not platinum blonde, but gray. The very color that women have spent decades trying to escape at the salon, hundreds of dollars spent every year on dyes to keep the gray at bay. This “hipster chic” gray hair looks as bad as it sounds, and I hope that this is a trend that dies hard in 2012-along with its sister hair-fail, the half-blonde-half-black/brown/red skunk ‘do that so many people have tried out this year.

#1 Hipster Glasses. Hipsters, I don’t usually hate on you, but there have been so many great disappointments this year. Hipster glasses have been the most baffling, ugly trend yet this year. These thick-rimmed, super-sized glasses usually don’t even have lenses-they’re just frames. Just frames. Although I’m not sure if I consider it worse to have these glasses without frames, or to actually invest in a pair of these hideous things in your prescription (glasses are expensive!). From musicians to actors to models to plain, everyday folks, these glasses were unavoidable this year. Here’s to the hope that next year the hipster scene looks a little less Steve Urkel-y.

2011 was a great year, and every year is allowed its few fashion mishaps-not to mention, they’re fun to review! One day, we will look back at photos of ourselves decked out in these horrible clothes, terrible hairstyles and atrocious accessories and laugh-or at least our children will laugh at us. What were some of your favorite fashion fails of 2011?

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