Tide Washing Machine Cleaner Product Review

by on August 23rd, 2010
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Just over a year ago, I purchased a front loading washing machine. After using it for a while, I noticed that my laundry started to smell a little musty. I tried wiping down the inside of the wash tub, and I also tried running my washing machine’s sanitize/cleaning feature. Neither one helped get rid of that musty smell on my laundry. That’s when I decided to try Tide Washing Machine Cleaner.

The Tide Washing Machine Cleaner package comes with three single use packets of cleaner, and it can be used in front loading washing machines or top loading washing machines. If you are just starting out with a new washing machine and want to maintain a fresh and clean machine, it is recommended to use the cleaner once a month. If your machine already has an odor problem, the directions suggest using one packet a week for three weeks and then once a month for maintenance.

Tide Washing Machine Cleaner is very easy to use. First, make sure the washing machine is empty. Then, cut open one powder packet and place it in the washer tub for a top loading machine or in the powder detergent dispenser for a front loading machine. Turn the washing machine on the normal cycle with the hot water setting and let it run its cycle.

This product was $7.00 at my local Target store, so I felt it was a small price to pay to freshen up my washing machine. Also, I was able to find a cents-off coupon for this product in my Sunday newspaper coupon inserts for extra savings.

After using Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, I have noticed that my laundry does not have that musty smell and is much fresher. The scent of the product is fairly strong at first, so if you are sensitive to fragrances, that would be something to take into consideration.

I would recommend giving Tide Washing Machine Cleaner a try for problems with a smelly washing machine.

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