The Living Quarters of a House – the Living Room

by on January 21st, 2011
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Spending time in the living room is inevitable. It is a room that will be used, f not on a daily basis, then when guests come over for sure. For this reason the living room should be decorated to look great in all occasions.

Good color coordinated prints and solids are essential in a living room. With a color scheme in mind, the living room will look wonderful. Too many different colors will draw the attention away from the room and leave people feeling that there is too much clutter in the room. It is always best to have too little than too much.

The main piece in a living room will be the sofa. It should be a nice sized and the color that the rest of the room will follow. Chairs should look good and be in a complementary color to the sofa and the carpeting. Window treatments in the living room are also important and should be thought out properly. A more formal type of treatment is always advisable in the living room.

Carpeting is important. It should be a solid color that blends well with the rest of the room’s color scheme. Having a print in the carpet will make the room look smaller. That is why it is always better to do less. Less is better in a living room carpet. It will make the room look larger and will give a continuous flow to the room, rather than make it look cluttered. If there are too many things around the room, it will make things look disorganized and that will not make the house look too good.

Decorating in the living room should be kept simple. Use throw pillows and lamps in solid colors that compliment the room. This will enable the room to look better each and every time that another item is added. Flowers will make the room attractive. It will make the room look awesome when there are several different items for decoration in it. Having too many things in the room will make it look cluttered. Keep it simple and then it will turn out just right.

When your living room looks great, is organized and comfortable it will be a room that your guests and your family will love to hang out it. It will make for many wonderful hours of just enjoyment, during holidays and other times of the year.

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