The Best Overall Features of the Samsung Admire Budget Smartphone

by on December 23rd, 2014
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Samsung has been on the roll and have released several great smartphones for the year of 2011, and they are also offering several budget smartphones, including the Samsung Admire smartphone which offers quality at a bargain price.

Large and Vibrant Display

The touchscreen display of virtually any smartphone is the center of attention and likely the focal point where all of the smartphone “magic” will take place. One of the first features that you’re likely to notice on the Samsung Admire budget smartphone is its relatively large 3.5 inch display. Not only does the touchscreen display of the Samsung Admire sport a nice 3.5 inch frame, but it’s also very vibrant and beautiful due to its HVGA TFT technology that makes watching movies, using apps, and doing other features great on the Samsung Admire’s display.

Social Network Integration

Social networking is the latest internet craze and due to smartphones, social networking has gone beyond traditional laptop and desktop screens and now in your pocket wherever you go. If you’re looking to stay connected with your favorite social networks, the Samsung Admire was designed with you in mind and you’ll love its social network integration. This smartphone features quick access to popular social networks like Facebook, Google, and Twitter and keeps users updated with the latest status updates and keeps multiple social networks organized and working in perfect harmony.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Support

Not only is the Samsung Admire available at a very reasonable asking price, but it also features the latest and great Android operating software, Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Android 2.3 Gingerbread boasts several upgrades features that weren’t available on its predecessor, including a new and improved graphical user interface, better power management and battery efficiency, new apps, better graphics implementation and a host of other features that only add to making the Samsung Admire smartphone even more awesome.


To be honest, most consumers that have been eyeing the soon to be released Samsung Admire smartphone have been doing so for its very reasonable price. The Samsung Admire is far from expensive and is available for only $129 without a contract and will likely be even more affordable with a 2-year agreement. With the low asking price of the Samsung Admire, it’s definitely a great deal.

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