T.J. Miller Does Stand-up for ‘No Real Reason.’

by on August 24th, 2010
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There really is “no real reason” why comedian T.J. Miller is doing stand-up because his film/television career is flourishing as a character actor. His live stand-up special, appropriately titled, “No Real Reason,” is an hour filled with random bits and one-liners that make Miller who he is – a talented character actor.

During one instance on his DVD special, Miller talks about vomiting while making eye contact with a stranger. He goes on about the woman he’s making eye contact with calling her friends and saying that she was so ugly that day that some man began puking. It wasn’t so much the joke that was funny but rather the facial expressions and situation that killed.

Midway through “No Real Reason” the actor and comedian switched into one-liners during an awkward transition in the show. I honestly believe that the entire special was geared to be awkward, but in a good way. One joke that stood out to me was, “I told someone they were an Indian giver. They were obviously offended by it so I had to take it back.”

The bits, including one that involves taking pictures with fans, and arbitrary jokes about various topics, are a culmination of the comedian’s personality and what we see on screen. Overall, T.J. Miller’s new special is weird, awkward and filled with random bits – but that seems to be the point of “No Real Reason.” The entire show fits the title perfectly.

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