Skyrim Game Guide: How to Become a Werewolf

by on October 28th, 2010
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So you want to become a werewolf? It not really surprising considering the perks to becoming one, such as the speed and strength boost. Not to mention the fact that they just look really cool.

The first step on your trip to becoming a werewolf lies in joining the Companions. This is not the only way to become a werewolf its actually much like becoming a vampire in Oblivion. There is a chance that you could catch the Lycanthropy disease from fighting a werewolf. However there is no guarantee that you will catch it and there is a much easier route.

However if you join the Companions you will quickly find yourself join the ranks of werewolf. The companions lie in Whiterun. You will have to complete several quests before you can become a werewolf, however most of them are rather simple.

When you first join up you will have to prove that you are capable by fighting a member. This isn’t a real battle and all you really need to do is hit him a few times. After that you get to go on a series of rather annoying errands which are all in Whiterun so shouldn’t take you long.

The next quest isn’t much better. You basically just have to rough up a NPC. The guy is a shop owner and not exactly much a fight. Do be careful you don’t kill him, its can be easy to do it by accident if you are at higher level. There are also several other easy quests now available, not just this one. You can chose to do one of those instead however you have to do at least one to get the next major quest.

The next quest in more what your expecting. You have go check into a rumor of a fragment of the Wuuthrad. There are multiple enemies and when you finally get the shard there will be rather deadly surprise. Several other interesting events also happen during this quest and you will find out more about the Companions.

Once you completed this quest the quest to allow you to become a werewolf, The silver hand, will become available. At this point you be invited to join in a ritual that will make you a werewolf and get to experience for the first time the fun in being a Lycanthropy.

Perks of being a werewolf

Increase in health
Increase in stamina
Faster running
crimes as a werewolf don’t add to your bounty
Has roars that have special abilities
You can eat humanoids to gain health back (also extends time in the wolf form)
Resistance to all diseases in both human and werewolf form

Can’t loot
No use of magic, weapons or equipment
NPC’s are hostile
No sneaking
No use of character menu
Being seen transform could result in fine
No rested bonus

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