Recipes Sure to Make Your Cinco De Mayo Celebration a Success

by on January 16th, 2011
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As lovers of Cinco de Mayo and the Mexican heritage or maybe just a love for holidays that revolve around feasting and drinking, Ashleigh and I partake in a variety of Mexican appetizers every May 5th. I wish I could take credit for these tasty creations, but here is some of what Ashleigh has planned for us this year:

Avocado stuffed flautas and spiced grilled shrimp served alongside a smoky chipotle roasted red pepper sauce.


In a small bowl mash two small avocados, half of a jalapeno, a pinch of cumin and salt. Make sure to leave the mixture somewhat chunky. The filling is enough for four flautas.

Take flour tortillas and spread the filling down the middle. Roll the tortilla shut, and then weave a toothpick through seam. All of this prep work may be done ahead of time. Fry to a golden brown and serve.

Now for the shrimp, we simply peel and de-vein those tasty shellfish and then pat them dry. The seasoning consists of equal parts cumin, cayenne pepper, dried ancho chili powder, salt, pepper and a pinch of brown sugar. Sprinkle the mixture on the shrimp, then double skewer the shrimp so they don’t spin on the grill.

Throw the shrimp on a medium high heat grill. Keep a close eye, they cook in minutes. They are typically done when slightly curled and pink (the time depends on the size of your shrimp; we use U16-20 and normally take about three minutes per side).

Ashleigh likes to serve both snacks with her chipotle red pepper dipping sauce. In a blender combine one small can of chipotle in adobo with a jalapeno, a clove of garlic and a roasted red pepper. Add salt and pepper to taste and thin the sauce out with a liquid of your choice, we are planning on using a red beer, but you could also use a white wine, stock or water for it to be kid friendly. Add the liquid till the sauce is the consistency you desire, ours is a similar to BBQ sauce. Then plate and serve with some sliced limes.

We hope you enjoy this delicious treat as much as we do. It’s because of recipes like this that Ashleigh has taken control of, what used to be, my grill. Don’t forget to invite your neighbors and your favorite margarita to the party as no Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete without either one.

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