Recap: ‘Justified,’ Season 3, Episode 3, ‘Harlan Roulette’

by on May 10th, 2015
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“Justified,” Season 3, Episode 3, “Harlan Roulette” begins with Ava having a parley with Limehouse to set up another meeting with Boyd. Boyd is interested in splitting Maggs Bennett’s legacy, once Dicky joins her in the afterlife.

One does have to appreciate a criminal mastermind who likes to cook good barbeque. Some spoilers surely follow.

While the deal involving Maggs’ money is unresolved, a deal is struck to take the weed that Deville was supposed to burn off of Boyd’s hands for distress prices.

Raylan chasing a couple of stupid crooks who try to drive a panel truck like a sports car to avoid a road block. He catches one, but the other gets away. The incident leads to a man named Fogle who forces the man who got away, JT, to play something called Harlan Roulette. This ends with JT getting his brains blown out. Later, Raylan pokes around Fogle’s pawn shop, which is being used to fence stolen goods, a supplement to an illegal oxycotin operation. Wade, the man whom Raylan caught at the roadblock, was bailed out by one of Fogle’s employees.

Quarles, the man from Detroit who has come down to Harlan to expand the mob’s oxycotin operation, had Fogle order Fogle to kill Raylan. He expects that Fogle will be killed instead. However Fogle orders Wade to do the job and, Raylan, sensing the trap, is able to subdue Wade instead. Then he entices Fogle and Wally with the expectation of making a clean sweep. Unfortunately, both of them being really stupid crooks, they manage to shoot each other, much to Raylan’s annoyance.

Raylan pays a visit to Quarles and Duffy to have that conversation that wasn’t going to be a conversation. He puts Duffy on the deck and then drops a bullet on him. The next one will be coming a lot faster, he informs him. Quarles is not impressed, observing that Raylan might feel differently if the bullet was coming in his direction. Quarles has plans for wealth based on an oxycotin empire and a Deputy Federal Marshal is not going to stand in his way.

Boyd and his gang, in the meantime, have ambitions to control all crime in Harlan County. As a start, they take back Johnny Crowder’s old bar from the current owner with great force. Now they have a headquarters and a source of legitimate income.

So now, besides the stress of being a new father, Raylan has not one, not two, but three groups of criminals to deal with. Some people have just the most boring jobs in the world.

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