Product Review: Fisher-Price 2-In-1 Precious Planet Projection Mobile

by on July 26th, 2010
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I purchased the DaVinci Emily Convertible Crib for my baby girl knowing that it had extra wide railings which means a standard mobile would not always fit. Luckily, there are a few adjustable mobiles on the market that can be made to fit any crib. The Fisher-Price 2-In-1 Precious Planet Projection Mobile turned out to be a perfect fit for my baby’s crib, and it will grow with her for at least a few years.

The Fisher-Price 2-In-1 Precious Planet Projection Mobile goes on to the crib side with a strap and buckle that can be adjusted until it is nice and snug on the side of the crib. There are no screws or other hardware that needs to be attached. Just buckle it, tighten it and you are done! The strap is quite large so you could easily fit this around any crib railing – from the biggest to the smallest size. The buckle is easy to open and remove when we want to replace the batteries, but it is not something our baby would ever be able to unbuckle with her little hands.

I was excited about the fact that this mobile comes with a Remote, however that turned out to be pretty useless. The remote works to turn the mobile OFF, but I never want to do that. Usually I’d want the remote to turn the mobile ON. However it only seems to work if the mobile was recently on. I can’t just use the remote any time of day to turn this on. It also doesn’t work well through her door. So in the end, I used the remote a handful of times and then stopped bothering.

The Fisher-Price 2-In-1 Precious Planet Projection Mobile entertains baby in three ways. First is the hanging animals on the mobile that spin and give baby something to look at. As a newborn, my baby really loved watching the animals go around and I would make sounds as each crossed her path. Second is the sound box which can play music, nature sounds, or heartbeat. I stick to the music most of the time, and only use the nature sounds sometimes when she should be relaxing.

The final part, and in my opinion the best part, is the projected “light show” which flashes cartoony animal scenes across the top of the mobile. The mobile portion can be removed as your baby gets older and the light show will then flash on the ceiling instead. So the product will grow with your baby and give them music and something to look at even when the mobile has to be removed.

After approximately a year of use, I can say with confidence that the Fisher-Price 2-In-1 Precious Planet Projection Mobile has been worth the purchase price and even the 4 D batteries that it takes! It has helped my baby fall asleep and kept her busy when she was bored. Now that she’s older, it’s just fun for her to watch when she’s playing in the crib. Many of the “themed” mobiles have bad reviews or look very flimsy. Spend a little more, don’t worry about your “theme”, just get something safe that your baby will enjoy for years to come! Enjoy!!

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