Prison of Emotions

by on January 24th, 2015
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I feel it deep inside.

Bubbling and spinning around.

Emotions that are building.

Trying to escape their prison.

Trying to make a sound.

Emotions that battle for control,

of a torn and battered soul.

Trying to do the right thing,

when the wrong thing feels so right.

Trying to be a gentleman,

when the curve of your bare thigh crosses my sight.

It should never be this hard,

to maintain some discipline.

But the sweet sound of your voice,

and giddiness of your laughter,

makes resisting your physical dimensions,

too strong for this experienced fighter.

Your soft full sensuous lips,

tease me when you speak.

Unable to focus on anything you say,

because my lips want ours to meet.

The battle continues.

Forming words on paper.

Or even a simple thought.

To share how I feel.

To give you some idea

of the turbulence,

occurring within this simple man.

A friend I try to be.

But a desire I should resist,

keeps taping at my door.

I try not to answer,

because my purpose with you,

is supposed to be something more.

So the fire continues to burn.

And the prisoners continue trying to escape,

as I hold you close and kiss your cheek goodnight.

Based on a picture from Rease’s Art ( I’m sorry I don’t have access to the picture, but please follow the above link to view samples of this artist work.

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