OWS: Occupied with Socialist

by on March 7th, 2015
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To those who have chosen to rise up and occupy Wall Street, now known as OWS, you should stop and think about those who sent you, do they have a hidden agenda? You claim that the banks are evil, greedy bankers that are causing your school tuition to rise. First, the schools and universities set the tuition rates, the banks are the ones who lend you the money. The government could have capped the rates they charge, but chooses not to.

The professors of these universities that have tenor, and choose to teach about the evil corruption of capitalism and the rich, are some of the very people helping to establish the rates set by these schools. These professors who teach you that the rich must pay, are themselves some of the very rich they are getting you worked up about. Some of you have said that society should pay for your education, well, are you not part of society? Did you not voluntarily choose to further your education beyond your FREE public education? When you succeed in getting society to pay for your education, then it will be your responsibility as a member of society to pay for someone else’s. You’re well educated, stop and think. If you are able to accomplish their goal, will you share in this great defeat?

No, you will not, you will be blamed for the failure of the stimulus bailouts. They will claim that it was working until you brought down the whole system. They will not be affected by the collapse, but those close to you, your parents and grandparents are the ones who will suffer the greatest. You will lose any inheritance they may have had planned for you. They will lose their life savings, retirement funds, and 401(k) because you elected to follow the plans of destruction by the ones who will benefit the most from your success.

Protesting on Wall Street and at the Federal Reserves will not resolve anything, these actions will not bring the justice that you seek. If you truly wish to see the bankers and traders pay for their actions, then why is it you are not told to protest at the White House and Justice Department. That type of protest would force the arm of the media to cover your plight. It would force the president and US Attorney General to take actions and arrest those who you wish to see pay for their evil greed. How is it with your education, you have not asked – why are these top traders and bankers not being prosecuted by our government? But instead receiving bailout and stimulus funds.

There are union leaders who have made it very clear that they intend to destroy the banks and Wall Street. They are using their professors to organize the students from colleges and universities to achieve this, so that their hands remain clean. Surely you are not a “youthful idiot” as the dictator, Mussolini, once referred to the youth for the sole purpose of an uprising. You would have not chosen to pursue a higher education, if you were. Why is it, the president who is also supporting you and is rich, not standing there with you and handing out his wealth?

Therefore, it is utterly imperative that you ask yourself and peers, why are you not demanding the medias attention to get the president and Justice Department to arrest those responsible? Why would they want you to crash your own economy and country? For what purpose does it serve? Why are they not there standing by your side with you during these uprisings? You are being used merely as puppets that will take the fall for them, while in the end, the very bankers and traders you seek action against will simply walk away and keep their fortunes and your parents’ and grandparents’ savings, too.

Surely you do not believe in the ‘wealth redistribution’ they speak of. In a socialist society where wealth redistribution exist, it is not taking from the rich and powerful, it is the rich and powerful choosing to redistribute the wealth of all the citizens, except for their own wealth, of course.

Michael Moore is an example of those who talk about wealth redistribution, but do not mean their own personal wealth. He is there supporting you in New York. Why is he not giving each and every protestor at least (5) five ($100) one hundred dollar bills? He believes in wealth redistribution, so why is he not leading by example and handing out his wealth? He has millions himself. Should he not be sharing his wealth with you? After all, you are just a student barely making it. He most likely has it in one of those banks you are protesting, he should be able to go inside and make a withdraw. He even thinks Cuba is better than here, so why does he not live in Havana? Sean Penn, is another one like him, he says that it is better in Venezuela and yet he lives here. Ever get the feeling you have been lied to?

If you truly believe this is what they speak of, then take the time to visit Russia, China, and Cuba for 2 or 3 weeks, do not spend the night in a nice hotel in a major city, instead go to outlying areas. Ask their citizens how that system works. Do they like having multiple families in a single household? Do they enjoy not being able to afford a home computer or gaming system? Maybe they enjoy that only a few can buy a car. Their governments do supply them with their NEEDS, but their wants are entirely different. Do you truly believe you will be given a gaming console, satellite tv, cable, your own car, healthcare, food, and housing the way you know it now?

Before you make hasty decisions based upon their directive, you should ask yourself some of these basic questions. Have you thought about asking your parents or grandparents what would happen to them if these protests brought down the banks and Wall Street, or do you just blindly follow their commands? Would it not be better to see those responsible have their assets frozen and brought before the courts and not crash our country? Considering we have suffered so greatly at the hands of these few, why should Americans suffer anymore?

Now ask yourself, are these individuals asking you to protest at the wrong locations, for your benefit or for THEIRS? Seriously, let your intelligence glare through their smoking mirror campaign. In the end, you will be disappointed when the system you think you getting turns out to be something different. If your goal is to simply get a job, then show true American spirit and create one, heck create several for your friends and college buddies too, unless your simply too lazy and want handouts. If this is the case, then stop and think, if everyone is living off free food, free healthcare, free housing, free education, and free clothing, WHO is paying for it? Because the rich will move out of the country and take their money with them, therefore, someone has to work. In places like China and Russia, the government decides who will work, where, how long, and for how much, but their needs are free.

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