Our Last Christmas

by on March 7th, 2015
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We all gathered in the small city of York, Alabama. We came from far and near: Florida, Mississippi and Alabama! To see your smile was everlasting as well as knowing you were alive which brightened the season with joy. We were all in the five bedroom home singing Christmas carols and sharing old time stories about when we all were kids. We discussed the times throughout the years and how we made it joyful with very little. We hugged and we spent the night up bringing in Christmas day so that we could share our gifts and show our love in every way. Not knowing that the next year you would not be around, so happy that the Christmas day was spent with you. Mom, I miss you! Brother, I miss you too! I never imagined for years spending Christmas day without either of you. Brother, I remember how you gave me those socks I wanted to give back but because of the thought with me it counted. You could always make me smile no matter what mood I was in and that gave me more reason to love you within. I will never forget how mom almost whacked you with the ceramic spoon for eating off the ham on Christmas day too soon. Mom was a stickler for eating altogether at once which made the moment more special and Christmas day fun. This is the end of my Christmas 2004, Our Last Christmas in 2004 was one I never want to forget! My mother, my father, my sisters and my brothers!

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