Occupy Wall Street Should Be Occupying the White House Lawn

by on July 13th, 2013
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Those of you who are fed up with corporate greed and corruption are in the wrong place. A quick glance at OpenSecrets.Org will lead one to a very interesting list of top contributors to Barrack Obama’s campaign coffers. Very near the top of the list one will find Goldman Sachs, 3rd in fact, two campaigns in a row. Right below them, one finds the Law Firm of Ballard, Spahr et al. This firm profits handsomely from helping businesses negotiate government regulations, particularly Dodd-Frank and Health Care Reform. Many of their people are former government employees. This firm helps the financial institutions with whom you are upset, negotiate the new regulations which are supposed to keep them in check.

Top in the list of contributors to the Obama campaign for the second consecutive election is Comcast Corporation, owner of NBC News, and MSNBC. Is it any wonder the newscasts from these two outlets are so heavily slanted in the President’s favor? Sixth on the list is the Law Firm of Mayer Brown. This firm makes it’s fortune in part by developing the kind of credit derivatives that lead to the housing crisis and banking collapse.

What about the energy department’s loan guarantee program, the one that just flushed a half billion taxpayer dollars down the Solyndra drain? Eleventh on the list of Obama’s top contributors is the Law Frim Skadden, Arps, et al. This firm helps to arrange these loans.

One may also notice that CNN and CNN Headline news do not run many stories unfavorable to the President. Their parent company Time Warner is seventh in the list of top donors.

If government corruption and corporate greed are the problem, and they are, the first place to look is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All of the top donors to the re-election campaign of our current President are profiting to the tune of multi-millions of dollars from the policies this Administration is putting in place. The 862 Billion dollar stimulus package hasn’t worked because it has been used as the President’s personal slush fund to pay back his campaign donors, and now he asks us to believe he needs another 400 billion dollars to pay for the upcoming election. He cannot even convince the members of his own party in the Senate to go along this time.

One asks one’s self, why hasn’t the President visited any low income areas. Why did his bus tour only go to relatively low unemployment locations? Why does he continue to ignore the advice of his own Jobs Czar? Why did he completely ignore the advice of his own debt commission? Is it because they don’t pay patronage to those who financed his election?

If those of you who are gathered in opposition to greed want to find the cause of your frustration, I suggest you move your encampment to the White House lawn.

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