NBA Talk: Clippers with Solid Start to Season

by on March 7th, 2015
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The Los Angeles Clippers started the season with high expectation, and rightfully so given the talent added to the team. Aquiring Chauncey Billups, Chris Paul, and Caron Butler, while managine to keep DeAndre Jordan on the roster, means the Clippers arguably did the best job out of any franchise to improve their business.

To start the season the Clippers are thus far 4-3, and second in the Pacific division behind the Los Angeles Lakers. While only being one game over.500 might not meet expectation, there are positive notes to take from the games played.

By getting victories against the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, and Milwaukee Bucks, the Clippers have proven they play on their own terms, and not to the level of their competition. A 1-1 record against the Portland Trail Blazers has proven that the team can hold their own against the better teams. And while losses to the San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls points to room for improvement, there is little doubt, the team is headed in the right direction.

The upcoming schedule sees the Clippers being tested against the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers, while also facing up against the New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz, and Dallas Mavericks, in a back-to- back-to back situation.

Another point worth mention, would be the rapid chemistry established by the team, as by watching the games it appears that getting accustomed to new teammates hasn’t been a problem. Furthermore, a pecking order issue of who gets more touches or shots isn’t even on the radar.

The best news regarding the Clippers is that the success that has been achieved thus far is legitimate and not an overachievment. It should be a good season for the Clippers.

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