My Favorite Smartphone: Samsung Wave S8500

by on March 8th, 2015
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It happened sometime in January, I needed a new phone. I wasn’t quite ready to make the jump to Android; I wanted something different, something unique. So after thorough research, I settled on the Samsung Wave S8500. It has been everything I could have asked for in a cell phone, and much more.

I was hesitant at first, because this phone uses the all new Samsung BADA OS, which is Samsung’s Smartphone take against iOS and Android. No regrets so far, the BADA OS is buttery smooth, and Samsung is supporting the OS by releasing periodic updates, despite the fact that this phone was not released in the United States. You connect the Samsung Wave via USB to Samsung KIES and receive the updates through the program.

The Samsung Wave features a 5MP Camera, one of the best in the business, everything is smooth and Macro mode takes very good shots. Many tech sites have proclaimed it to be one of the best in both 5MP quality and in 720P video, and I wholeheartedly agree. This phone also feature some neat things on the exterior such as a micro USB port that has a “gate” that must be flipped open to access this slot. This is great, because it protects the port from dust or damage. It also has a sturdy aluminum battery cover which feels good in the hand, and is light weight.

The BADA OS comes with everything you could want, media player, web browser, mp3 player, and GPS. The Media player is great, it plays videos including DIVX videos which is a huge bonus, considering many phones today, still do not have the ability to play DIVX videos. The Super AMOLED display is one of the large selling points of this phone, and it is a dream to watch videos on this phone. Ink-like blacks and viewing angles, which can be seen from anywhere. The Web Browser is also amazing, it is Samsung’s own Dolphin Browser and it is truly wonderful, it loads lightning fast and pinch to zoom is also fast and accurate.

The Samsung Wave is also one of the first phones that were capable of enabling and viewing flash content, something that I feel should definitely be pointed out. The MP3 player is unique, turn it landscape mode and it shows a picture of CD’s with the cover of the album on the front, and you scroll through each CD either alphabetically, or by swiping the CD’s which rotate in a circular motion. Audio quality is good, and uses Samsung’s own audio technology.

Overall, I have to say the Samsung Wave S8500 left me surprised, it does everything I want, it is easy to pocket, well made, feels good in the hand, and has great features. You can pick up a brand new Samsung Wave now for under $300 a great value. Did I mention the phone still looks brand new after 9 months? Great job Samsung, definitely the greatest phone I have owned.

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