My Favorite IPhone Apps

by on March 7th, 2015
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Everyone has their favorite iPhone apps and the most commonly used ones like Facebook, Google Maps, Weather and News apps are obvious. Here are some of my favorite iPhone apps that are without a doubt, some of the best out there.

AroundMe – This free app provides you with information related to the places closest to your location. Its categories include banks, bars, gas stations, pharmacies, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and more. In addition you can type in the name of a place and the information pops up. AroundMe allows you to see the location on a map, call the location, view the route from your location and email the direction to someone. It is great for local and travel situations.

Gas Buddy - This is a free app and very handy to have especially in the current economic times. Not only can you find the closest gas stations but also the ones with the least expensive gas. Gas Buddy is handy for local use as well as if you are on a road trip.

Photogene - This is one of my very favorite apps and I used it on a recent trip to Italy to edit all my photos which I uploaded onto my blog and Facebook. I was able to crop to various dimensions, adjust color and size, change brightness, contrast, etc and even export the final image to Face book, Twitter, Dropbox, and Flickr and e-mail addresses. The app allows you to save to computer as well as always retaining the original image. It is totally worth the $1.99 price and there are so many more options that I cannot cover in this short review, but I recommend it highly.

Hurricane – This is an in-depth hurricane tracking app and well worth the $2.99 I paid for it. With up-to-date bulletins, tracking maps, radar, computer models, push notifications and more, this app kept me updated during the most recent Hurricane Irene.

Check Please Lite- is one of the handiest free apps which is useful when calculating the tip at a restaurant, and especially if you are dividing the bill. There are options to round up or down, to include the tip or not when rounding, and your choice of currency, making it useful overseas as well as in the US. Since it is free, you have to put up with some ads.

Convert Units for Free – This is a free app and very versatile, as it converts various types of measurements and is customizable. Simple to use, this app organizes measurements by various types, including temperature, length, volume, speed and others. Those are the ones I use most often, and it saves a lot of time, as the app eliminates time-consuming old-fashioned calculations. It was particularly handy while traveling in Europe.

There are plenty iPhone apps which make life easier and you probably have many of your own. These are some that I use almost every day and they have become my favorites.

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